About Us

Our quality plant material built us, our customer service and plant expertise keeps us strong.Crataegus Winter King Fruit in snow 12.1.08

Our journey began in 1992 on 167 acres in southern Wisconsin, our loyal customers motivated and challenged us to expand and produce more quality plant material. Today, Mariani Plants has grown to 550 acres in Kenosha, WI, 120 acres of  Container/Propagation Shrubs & Perennials and 40 acres of Evergreens in Garden Prairie, IL.

Field and B&B specimen plant production

The main focus of the 575-acre Kenosha Nursery is balled and burlapped specimen plant production. Located 3 miles north of the IL/WI border (5 minutes off the I-94 Interstate), the heavy clay loam soils are perfectly suited for B&B production. Shade Trees, Intermediate Ornamentals, Upright/Spreading Evergreens and larger Flowering Shrubs are all grown on wide field spacing. Extensive pruning and meticulous cultural practices produce full, uniform, superior field plants.

Perennial Production

In 2008, Mariani Plants started our 1 gallon Perennial program. Today we grow over 400 varieties of the latest and greatest Perennials and Grasses while never turning our backs on the tried and true. We strive to ship out retail-ready quality whether for a shopping mall or for  Garden Center end caps. Each week we produce a bud and bloom list along with the most recent photos of our hottest plants. We believe our quality and service can meet all of your Perennial needs.

Container Shrub & Evergreen/Propagation Facility

In 2002, we purchased land in Garden Prairie, IL (10 minutes west of Marengo, IL – 15 minutes off the I-90 NW Toll road). Today that 120 acre,  automated Container/Propagation Facility produces 3 and 5 gallon container Shrubs and Evergreens as well as over 300,000 1 gallon Perennials and Grasses. The Propagation Facility utilizes climate controlled greenhouses and irrigated liner beds to consistently produce quality liners for the Garden Prairie container range and Kenosha B&B production. Producing our own liners ensures a more consistent availability of Mariani Plants container and field production.

Evergreen Production Farm

In 2010, we expanded to our 40-acre Evergreen Farm (located at the corner of Rt. 20 and Garden Prairie Road). We have lined out spreading, broadleaf and upright Evergreens. This farm specializes in quick turn-around Evergreen material so our customers can regularly and frequently freshen availability.